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Commercial turbochargers:-

Turbodirect S.A supply brand new turbochargers, service exchange units and carry out repairs to all brands of  turbochargers, with genuine parts at reasonable pricing! We use our technical ability and 24 years of experience, together with the industry leading CNC and computerised equipment to make sure that the repair is carried out right the first time. 

Every turbocharger is balanced on our state of the art test bed,and VSR balancing machine. While other repairers claim to have balanced your turbocharger, we come to the party with a printed VSR report for every turbocharger leaving our premises. The difference between our balanacing process is the fact that TurboDirect are the only company in AFRICA who are able to VSR balance up to 400 000RPM - on even the largest frame turbochargers according to manufacturers specifications. 

Because we import product direct from the turbocharger manufacturers, we are able to offer you the best value for money, best service and guaranteed quality every time!

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