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Grey imported Garrett turbochargers

There are many performance shops and so called tuners alike who claim to be importers and agents for the world renowned Garrett turbochargers. TurboDirect S.A are synonymous with the Garrett brand and are official Garrett master distributors aswell as official Performance distributors for South Africa - we the the only Garrett Performance distributor in Africa. Beware of these so called “importers and agents” who will sell you grey imported or fake/copied Garrett turbochargers. The question is how does one tell if a turbocharger is a genuine Garrett turbocharger? Well this is simple - on every genuine Garrett turbocharger you will find a small aluminium name plate, this name plate houses both a Serial Number aswell as a Part number. The part number identifies the turbocharger, its model and size, aswell as relates to the HP output it makes. The Serial number will allow the turbocharger to be traced in terms of when it was manufactured, which country it was made, and which distributor around the world it was sold to by Garrett.

This Serial number is also the number we use to confirm whether the turbo is in fact fake, or a grey import. there is a distributor in each country, who is responsible for the Garrett brand in their territory from stock holding, sales, marketing, sponsorships etc. Unless the turbo was sold through this distributor, the product is not official and could be fake. TurboDirect S.A carry all Garrett products in stock, and we have the largest stock holding of repair components for all GT/GTX/GTW performance turbochargers - we offer repairs to all our clients who have purchased official product through us.

Here is a list of factors you should consider when buying a Garrett turbocharger:-

1) Unless the turbo was sold through TurboDirect S.A - no warranty will be provided, if the turbo fails, you will have to send it back to the distributor in the country that the so called “importer/tuner” purchased it from.
2) If your turbo fails and you require a repair or an upgrade, or even parts for the turbocharger - TurboDirect S.A will not support you, you will need to go back to the country where the turbocharger was distributed from - your “importer/tuner” will have to ship abroad for these parts, repairs etc
3) Pricing - TurboDirect Supply Genuine Garrett turbochargers at the lowest price available - PERIOD! Buying from an “importer/tuner” who imports these grey turbochargers will always charge you more than the official Garrett Distributor in South Africa - TurboDirect S.A
4) TurboDirect S.A hold stock of all the GT/GTX/GTW turbocharger apical to our market at any time. No waiting period for product to be imported - which could lead to weeks and even months.

Here is an advert from a company in South Africa advertising the Garrett GTX turbochargers - note his prices. Below are the prices you can expect to pay from TurboDirect S.A for the exact same OFFICIAL turbochargers and you will get the warranty, repair support, upgrade and parts availability together with the turbocharger at any time you require these.


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These turbochargers advertised by this grey importer are not in stock, and the price is almost 40% more in some cases compared to the official Garrett Distributor - TurboDirect S.A

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