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Beware Before You Buy

There are a number of local companies in South Africa selling very low quality Chinese copies of the Genuine Garrett Product.

To Date these companies are unscrupulous in the prices they charge for these knock-offs. These companies are situated in a number of the Gauteng cities and sell these products as Garrett original products, and/or these products are labeled as Garrett products in the adverts found in the local magazines.

There are also companies who advertise that they are Garrett official Performance Distributors in the local media and on the internet, in South Africa -- these companies are selling you non official, or copy product -- DONT BE FOOLED -- these products are not the original items, and will not be liable for back-up service or warrantee claims.

TurboDirect S.A is the only official Garrett Performance and Piece Parts Distributor in South Africa, any other company advertising as such is doing so under false pretences! EXCLUSIVE RE-SELLERS WELCOME GEOGRAPHICAL AREA BASED

TurboDirect S.A have decided to set new standards and take back control of the Garrett Performance and Piece Part market! We have decided to promote the Genuine Garrett Performance Products along side with the Genuine Garrett Piece Parts - This promotion will continue indefinately until further notice.

Please have a look at the following prices on Original Garrett Performance Products aswell as Piece Part Products below:-

Turbine Shafts


Here is a picture of the Chinese shaft and its packaging -- easy to identify, no branding or english label on the box, usually supplied in a plastic bag, or polystyrene box as in the picture. This is a very low cost item with a very limited lifespan which is going to cost you money in the end.

Below is a picture of the two shafts next to eachother - Garrett shaft is clearly seen on the right of the picture as it is made from Inconel 713LC material which is known as a 'SUPER ALLOY' It is silver in colour even after heat treatment -- This material is an exotic material and requires specialized equipment and processes to cast the turbine head. The chinese turbine is made from a material called K418 -- this is a stainless steel with a thermal ceiling much lower than the Inconel part. The ductility (strength under rotational speeds combined with extreme heat) is much lower with the Chinese made part, and this is the reason that certain outlets in South Africa advertise the turbocharger with this wheel in as a low boost turbo only. Often companies will advertise a maximum of 1.0bar rating with their chinese knock off turbochargers, because they know that these wheels fail very easily.

Many customers as seen on web sites like www.hellopeter.com have purchased these products and the products have failed with no recourse or replacement from the company who sold the product to the customer. No warranty is given with the Chinese brand product what so ever, so beware when buying.

Notice the excessive grind marks on the nose of the Chinese turbine shaft -- this is a balancing grind, BUT what most people dont know is that due to a poor casting process and material choice the final product has casting defects and blow holes which will cause catastrophic failures, and these blow holes existant within the materials cause a large amount of imbalance in the casting and require heavy modification to bring the unit into balance -- Notice the Garrett product has a very small grind mark barely visible -- this is a quality piece made from a quality material in a controlled environment - worth spending the money on!

GT17 -- Turbine Shaft

GT17 -- Turbine Shaft

T4 Stage 2 Turbine Shaft

T4 Stage 3 Turbine Shaft

More Turbine Shafts coming soon -- Keep checking back here regularly for updates!

Compressor Wheels


Below is a picture of a Chinese compressor wheel, always supplied to you loose, or in an unbranded polystyrene box or plastic bag -- Let me explain, the Chinese products are once again are cast through an inferior process using the cheapest materials to maintain the lowest price. There are hundreds of companies in China who claim to be manufacturers, and in-turn have to compete against eachother for the business, price is always the first thing international clients ask about -- hense the need to choose materials that cost less to win the sale.

The next method of identifying a Chinese knock-off compressor wheel is the additional material (Lead) added to the wheel to bring it into balance. This is a completely incorrect method of balancing a high speed rotational part which is responsible for compressing air -- in School we learned that when air is compressed it heats up, as the air temperature increases, so does the temperature of the compressor wheel, and in-turn the lead added to the wheel nose. As lead heats up (lead has a much lower melting point than aluminium) the lead becomes soft and due to the centrifigual forces the lead is forced against the outter side of the hole it was inserted into, and eventually flies out of the wheel completely and th wheel looses its balance and causes a shaft break to excessive vibrations.

Below is a picture of the Genuine Garrett compressor wheel -- you will notice a visual difference in the quality of the material, aswell as the process used to balance the wheel by removing material as opposed to the above short cut.

STAY AWAY - YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! TurboDirect S.A sell Genuine Garrett products -- the safety and reliability of the genuine article warrants paying the small financial difference from the poor quality knock-off wheel.

GT15 Comp Wheels

GT17 Comp Wheels

TB28 Comp Wheels

T04B Comp Wheels

60-1 and -17 Race Series Comp Wheels

The following compressor wheels are nothing that you have ever seen before, the blade design, cut-back and profile are totally diferent to the chinese knock-offs, and the overall weight of these wheels are 35% lighter than any other compressor wheel of similar size in existence today! The part number used in the picture is the same part number of the common wheel known as the 60-1 wheel for referrence purposes, you can expect up to 20% increases in overall power output and substantial boost responce gains from the use of these two compressor wheels. The -17 wheel measures 58mm x 76mm with a swept blade and 7.5 degree cut back. The 60-1 unit meaures 58.6mm x 76mm and utilizes a 7 blade design with a slight taper at the leadig edge tip, a special cut in your compressor housing is required for the use of this wheel.

Larger Frame Series Comp Wheels

Below part numbers on the ascociated boxes are used and displayed for referrence purposes. For a specificaiton of each wheel, please contact us.



Once again we have Chinese knock-off product in the form of a very important and often overlooked piece of the turbocharger package - The BackPlate, this item is responsible for hydrodynamic pressure sealing -- in short the backplate land as seen below, is part of the oil sealing system in the centre section of the turbocharger. If this is damaged the turbocharger will leak oil through the turbine housing, and the engine will smoke at idle. Over time the turbocharger will carbon up the inside of the heat shield and turbine housing and this will hinder performace and cause a failure of the rotating assembly.

Most of the Chinese knock-off backplates have incorrectly machined backplate lands and/or non existent lands, and the result is a smoking turbocharger -- the companies selling these items revoke any suggestion of a warranty, and often blame the smoking on other irrelevant issues E.G incorrect oil pressure, faulty lubrication system, inadequate oil drain etc.

T3 Backplate

T04B Backplate

T04E Backplate

Turbo Blankets


Turbo Blankets -- fact and fiction ... Do they work?? Are they functional?? Are they for looks only?? OK firstly the turbocharger is spooled up through the wasted energy that exits the exhaust system - Fact. What is energy? Friction is a form of energy, heat is another form of energy (although being a by-product of a prior force/reaction having caused this energy) A little more information for you - the spool up the turbine wheel is not only dependant on the air flow 'blowing against' the inducer of the turbine wheel, it relies on the heat exerted onto the face of the blades aswell -- the more heat that can be exerted onto the face of the blade, the more the blade will rotate. The Turbo Blanket is used to achieve 2 main things, 1) to reduce underbonnet temperatures, and 2) assist with turbocharger boost responce.

The Chinese have once again come to the party with inferior quality products and materials but a very attractive price. Here is the problem with the use of the Chinese inferior product -- this is a dire consequence! The inferior materials used by the knock-off products are flamable, and are not able to withstand the temperatures required for a reliable and safe application. Imagine your street car catching fire because of an inferior quality turbo blanket, firstly good luck with your insurance company, and good luck spending alot more money carrying out the same upgrades on your replacement vehicle IF your insurance company decides to pay out.

TurboDirect S.A supply only the best products, and all our turbo blankets are supplied with clear and consice fitting instructions and international temperature tested material certificates. Our blankets fit both the T3 and T4 family turbochargers, including the Garrett GT series units aswell.