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    Wednesday, 20 April 2011 18:23
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Audi B8 series (A4/S4/A5/S5 shapes) Call for price

VW MkV/MKVI Call for price

BMW 335-x35 Call for price

BMW 135i includes complete airvent Call for price

Subaru BRZ / Toyota FT86 Call for price


Available features

  • High resolution boost/vaccum sensor(BAR or PSI) with peak recall
  • Monitor live engine data for intake air temp, coolant temp, throttle blade position, actual ignition timing, EGT and more
  • Digital RPM readout with shift light
  • Automatic start and stop 0-60 timer for evaluating your cars performance
  • 15 second "run record" data logging to replay a quarter mile run and evaluate boost spikes or dips
  • OBD II code scan and reset
  • OEM integration, fit and finish
  • Precisely color matched to the VW red interior lighting
  • Automatic dimmer to match brightness
  • Non-glare black smoked glass face
  • Plug and Play installation
  • Easy to navigate 2 button menu
  • Disable features you don't want to view
  • 3x analog inputs for additional sensors
  • Easy to install firmware upgrades to add new features and functionality as they are released


What is the availability of this product and who is P3Cars?

The gauge is currently in BETA status… hardware is finilized, and final testing is underway. P3cars got their start making boost gauges for BMW’s, and have dominated that market with their integrated boost gauge product. Unmatched quality and attention to detail has set them apart in the market and allowed them to quickly rise to be the #1 source for a BMW boost gauge.

How does it read boost/vacuum?

Boost data can be read directly from Canbus ECU data via the diagnostics port under your dash, or optionally via an analog input.

Where does the other data come from?

The gauge connects to the diagnostic port to pull data, serveral connection methods are avaiable for quick plug and play install or for fully integrated install onto canbus wires behind the dash. The gauge also has a total of 3 analog inputs for hooking up other optional sensors.

How does it install?

You can buy it pre-integrated in a vent and just pop it in, or save money and install it into your existing vent. Either way there is ZERO cutting involved, and you can reverse the vent to 100% stock at any time.

Does the vent still work?

Yep! The top half of the vent remains functional.

What features will it have, and will you have updates?

The product will most likely ship with Boost, AIT, Coolant, EGT, Throttle, RPM w/shiftlight, 0-60 performance timer, and possibly obd2 code read/clear. More features will be in development and the gauge software can be upgraded easily, without even taking it out of your car!

What will it cost?

Depending on featurers, sensors, and wiring options are selected, the initial pre-order/group buy pricing will start at $279, and you can spend another 120 or so on optional parts to aid in install or provide additional features.

When can I see more?

A video will be posted on youtube soon that will show the gauge in action during beta testing. Our engineers are still tweaking software, so certian items may be subject to change.

Where can I buy it?

Redline motorworks is partnering with P3cars to launch the product in a pre-order group buy that will be shipping for the holidays.

How long is the wait?

We are building them as fast as possible… but some parts are hard to come by, so orders will be shipped first come first serve. We will have the first batch of units ready to ship early December.

Is this all the information?

There are a few extra things the gauge is capable of that we are keeping under wraps for a few more weeks until a full demo can be shown, so stay tuned. Follow us on twitter (http://www.twitter.com/p3cars) or check back here for updates.