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Does Your Turbocharger Company Do Burst Containment Tests?

Turbochargers are precision components machined and balanced to the highest standards using the best quality materials. The designers of these components spend a plethora of time and money engineering these parts to be reliable, and robust in the intended applications they were designed for. Recognized turbocharger manufacturers e.g Garrett, Holset, KKK, IHI, Mitsubishi, Hitachi and Toyota carry out extensive burst containment testing and 500 hour endurance tests, along with hot shut down analysis in order to further refine and improve their initial designs specifically to maintain reliability and safety in the case where a turbocharger failure does occur.

There were recent turbocharger failures involving two well known racers, who suffered immense financial losses due to infoerior design turbine housings. see the video below for detials on the Precision turbocharger burst housings. 

Questions that should be asked of Precision Turbo should be along the lines of:-

  • Does Precision Turbo conduct burst containment tests?
  • Why did your turbine housing not contain this turbocharger failure?
  • What is your company doing about this to prevent this sort of thing occurring again?
  • Have you done a recall on all your turbine housings in the market to safeguard your customers?
  • Do you have a revised turbine housing that you have conducted burst containment testing on?
  • When will you be swapping these out for your customers who have existing turbochargers using your inadequate housings?
  • Will there be any compensation for the customers who have to arrange a replacement turbine housing if a replacement housing which has been tested for burst containment is available?